Friday, June 19, 2009

Ready for take off? Actually... no...

So, having not left yet I've already run into trouble, hahaha!
The High Commission of the Republic of Uganda and I do not get along terribly well it seems. They didn’t like that I sent them Canadian money; fine, sent them more money of the American variety. Then they wanted a letter of invitation and introduction explaining that I was indeed wanted in their country and that I was not pilfering jobs from their labourers; alright, letters sent within 8 hours of the request. Now, after a week without my passport, a significant amount of stress and many phone calls my passport - with my completed visa and my unwanted Canadian money - is on its way home. Only... there's a hitch with that too. The passport is coming home on Xpresspost, which is not as quick as a priority courier, which means that my passport will be arriving - in theory - within hours of my currently scheduled departure flight. Which is tomorrow.
This should be interesting.
Welcome to Africa?
All of the passport and visa issues aside, I am half way through packing and I am impressed with how nice and light my pack is going to be this trip. Here's hoping for sunshine in London and a passport by noon tomorrow!


  1. I thought the passport was supposed to arrive today! I've got my fingers crossed that it shows up on time tomorrow.

  2. Should've just gotten a fake passport made... that's waaay easier.