Sunday, April 28, 2013

Good Luck, Bad Luck and Patience

          I promised a quick post to confirm that I had indeed landed in Paris safely, and here it is : )  Travelling yesterday was an exercise in good luck, bad luck, and patience. The good luck was that even though my first flight was significantly delayed, we made it to Heathrow only 20 minutes after our posted arrival time. The bad news was that this left me with 40 minutes from touchdown (so… sitting on the runway behind six other flights) to clear security and make it to my (unknown) departure gate to catch my next flight. Ah but wait… more good news! The flight to Charles deGaulle was also delayed! I made a point of finding myself some victory waffles to eat, both because now I was going to make my flight and as a reward for my stunning patience with the group of small children who cried all the way to Heathrow. Possibly it was their first time flying?

            Once on the ground I did had an excellent time trying to remember my way out of the Gare du Nord on the metro, and definitely did my fair share of standing around looking silly and lost. In the end I made it to my hostel safe and sound, and woke up very early this morning to the dulcet tune of snoring from one of my dorm mates. I may now very strongly believe that snoring like a chainsaw should be punishable by law. The two other people in the room agreed with me, hahaha!

            Not a huge problem though, being as I am still adjusting to French time and was wide awake anyway, I went for breakfast and a walk around Monmartre, which is the arrondissement my hostel is in. Breakfast was leisurely, and the walk to the Moulin Rouge was very short. 

          Everything is turning green here, and guys… they make bunny bread! Yes, yes you read that right. There is a bakery down the street that bakes bread in the shape of tiny, fluffy rabbits. This is a big deal. Such a big deal that I bought what will be my lunch from this bakery.

           Oh, right, there’s fish-bread too, but the bunnies are far cuter. With 10:00am approaching though, I am off to tidy my bunk and re-pack my toiletries. Next stop: Montpellier!

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  1. Bunny bread... how remarkably appropriate :D Glad you're having fun over there!