Saturday, August 21, 2010

Chirgurie Esthêtique

Best school day yet. It was Friday, a good school day under most circumstances really, made better by the assignment our instructor gave us: Write a dialogue (and then act it out) between two parents and their child, the child wants something that the parents do not want them to have. Then she gave us three scenarios to choose from.

1) The child wants... a scooter.
2) The child wants... an animal.
3) The child wants... plastic surgery.

Yeah, yeah you read the last one right. Plastic Surgery, a.k.a. chirgurie esthêtique.

I had two other girls in my group, the Irish girls Nicky and Sarah. Nicky is tall and blond with blue eyes, and she likes to party. Sarah is shorter with darker hair, and is quite cynical. Both Nicky and Sarah have very thick Irish accents. Well you can imagine what we decided would be our topic. I was the father, Sarah was the mother, and Nicky was our bonny wee-lass just come home from a night on the town.

NOTE: Whenever Nicky spoke during this skit it was in a monotone, she was very hung over that day, Sarah kept giggling (very stern mother, that one) and I was my usual self, as to say... loud with lots of hand gestures.!/notes/kenna-ann-morris/most-amazing-french-skit-ever/420056897886

Unfortunately, the blog couldn't seem to handle the html for this one, so it's been made as a facebook note.

In other new: It is incredibly hot in Montpellier. It is 35C, in the shade. Don't let the weather forcasters lead you astray with their technology and their significant amount of education in weather phenomena; it's just flippin' hot. You know how at home we hide inside in the winter to get away from the snow and the freezing wind? Yeah... today everyone has hidden inside, with all the lights off, all the windows closed and all the fans on. Even the WIND outside it hot.

... I have seen a strange and odd reversal of my world.

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