Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Escape to Nice!

So... I have a confession. I didn't like Marseille. It was alright. The old port was very pretty and the food wasn't bad (although I didn't en up trying the bouillabaisse (?) fish stew) but as soon as you were out of the tourist-y port it was very poor. Apparently it's the poorest city in France.

Either way, if I had my choice I would much rather go somewhere else in France than back to Marseille. I DID enjoy my trip out to the Chateau d'If though. I went with another guy from Canada named Nicolas, and we had a grand old time wandering all over the (surprisingly small) Chateau and pretending to be prisoners.

Back in the port there was also a stunning view of the Notre Dame de la Guerre on top of the hill. It was all lit up and gorgeous in the night sky. There is a 12ft Virgin Mary statue on the top that is plated in gold. You can really tell too, even from the port (1km away) this statue is clearly discernable and clearly made of gold. I didn't make it up there to see the crypt, but I think I will make up for it in Paris when I see the catacombs.

Other adventures in Marseille include meeting two fairly friendly American boys from California who were very impressed with themselves for having their weed cards on them. One was a chef and the other had just graduated with a degree in Operations Management. They were cooking dinner while I was updating the blog last time and invited me to have some! It did smell delicious. Sausages with fried potatoes and eggs all mixed into a little pie thing for dinner. Not bad at all! It was funny the next morning when we were all eating our French bread and jam for breakfast though, and they began to make themselves eggs and sausages again. The Europeans at the table kept looking at them and saying things like 'such a heavy breakfast!' 'meat, first thing in the morning?'. Oh, America.

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