Sunday, August 15, 2010

Paris, again.

Well, I've made it. I'm in Paris for the second memorable time of my life and again it is... raining. I guess really you can't hold it against the city, although I've heard rumours that every once in a while the sun shines here. None the less, I'd rather it rained on me while I was in Paris than in Calgary.

Getting here was a bit of an adventure (as is travelling with me under any circumstances :P ) I had to change my flights initially due to a 24 hour stomach flu. That was a blast. The flight over was good although I'm curious as to what made Air Canada think that bananas and carrots were ever meant to be together in muffin form. Airplanes feed you the strangest food, really. Arrived in France mostly on time and found my hostel (Square Caulaincourt) without a problem. I'll post pictures soon, but I'd absolutely recommend this hostel to anyone no taller or wider than... well, me. If you're at all tall and broad you probably won't fit in the showers, or the beds, or through the doors. Ah, c'est la vie en Paris, petite.

At the moment I am waiting to catch my train to Montpellier and meet my host family for the next 2 weeks. Catherine and Michael sound awesome, and are picking me up at the station when I get there. Unfortunately my first mistake of the trip thus far was when to buy the ticket down to Montpellier. It is a major holiday in France today (I still don't know which, it might have to do with eggs) which means that showing up a half hour early and buying your ticket doesn't guarantee you a seat. In all fairness, this system has always worked for me in the past. Either way, I will be getting to Montpellier at 9:00pm or so local time instead of the much preferred 12:47pm. Fail. So until my train arrives I'm off to sit in a cafe somewhere with my trusty alien bag and wait. Hope it's sunny where you are!

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